Season 2 “東電賞” Announcement

The Season 2 東電賞 has been awarded to the following two individuals. Congratulations!





The two winners will receive the following game items as rewards:
・200m of electrical wire × 5
・300 HP recovery × 3
・Stamina Recovery Drink × 1


Additionally, for necotaco, who met the additional conditions, we will present a “Utility Pole NFT” as a reward.
The awards system will continue into Season 3 and beyond, with an expanded range of eligible subjects. The 東電賞 will not be limited to crow’s nests but will also honor players who capture images beneficial to TEPCO, such as utility poles covered with plants. We encourage you to continue playing with the goal of achieving these awards in future seasons.


・Details of the Awards System →
・What is the 東電賞?: This award recognizes users who capture particularly valuable images for TEPCO Power Grid. For Season 2, the focus was on images of utility poles with crow’s nests.