About the Seasonal Awards System

Thank you for always playing PicTrée.
We have established a system to recognize and honor players who make significant contributions to PicTrée each season.


●東電賞(TEPCO Award)
Crow & Ivy Division: This award recognizes players who have successfully photographed utility poles with bird nests or poles completely covered by vegetation.
Mandatory Conditions:
・Capture and submit the target image within the game (must pass review).
・Use the in-game “report function” to report the presence of a bird nest or vegetation coverage via a form.
Additional Conditions:
・For images of utility poles with bird nests, add the hashtag “#営巣発見”; for those covered in vegetation, use “#ツルツタ発見” and post it on X.
・Enter the URL of the post into the form for submission.
Other Categories:
・Awards will also be given to players who capture images of utility poles on the periphery of areas, shoot from particularly beautiful angles, or photograph frequently. These photos are considered especially beneficial for TEPCO.


●地元貢献賞(Local Contribution Award)
We will recognize players who have used PicTrée to promote their local area by sharing enticing gourmet information and useful local information that benefits other players, thus contributing to the excitement and engagement within their community.


We will honor players who have contributed to the excitement of PicTrée throughout the season by conducting a user vote. The player who gathers the most votes will be recognized for their efforts.


●鬼頭賞(Kito Award)
GGG Mr. Kito will select and honor players based on his unique perspective.


●山田賞(Yamada Award)
DEA Mr. Yamada will select and honor players based on his unique perspective.


The players selected for the above awards will be announced on X and via YouTube broadcast, and will receive the following rewards:
・200m of electrical wire × 5
・300 HP recovery × 3
・Stamina Recovery Drink × 1
*For the 東電賞(TEPCO Award) Crow & Ivy Division, meeting the additional conditions will qualify you for a chance to win a Utility Pole NFT for the next season through a lottery.
The announcements and distribution of rewards are scheduled to take place after the end of each season.