Regarding gameplay using multiple accounts

Thank you for always playing PicTrée.


During our PoC phase, we received reports from the community regarding players using multiple accounts to play the game (hereafter referred to as “multi-accounting”).
Upon investigation, we indeed found several accounts strongly suspected of multi-accounting. Multi-accounting is contrary to the social problem-solving direction that PicTrée aims to promote and disadvantages many players who play with a single account. Therefore, starting from Season 5, we have explicitly prohibited this practice and updated our terms of service accordingly.


Please be aware that moving forward, in accordance with the terms of service, we may suspend accounts suspected of multi-accounting or related activities.


We apologize for any delays in addressing this issue.
If you believe your account has been suspended in error and you have not engaged in multi-accounting, please contact our official support.


Thank you for your continued support of PicTrée.