Season Information: Season 4 Mount Akagi Area

●Duration: June 1st (Saturday) 9:00 AM to June 14th (Friday) 4:00 PM


●Event Area: Mount Akagi Area (Center: Fujimi-machi Akagisan, Maebashi City)
・The playing areas are divided into two sections: ① the mid-mountain and summit area of Mount Akagi (around Prefectural Road 4 and Ono Lake) and ② the foothill area of Mount Akagi (including Mine Park and Roadside Station Green Flower).
・All utility poles in the target areas will be available for photography from the first day of the season, June 1st (Saturday).



For more detailed information about the area, please refer to the following article.
“June 1, 2024 (Saturday) 電柱撮影ウォーキング in 赤城山” About Access to the Target Area


●First-Time Photography Reward: Rewards can be earned for photographing power facilities that have not yet been captured by anyone, provided that the images pass review.
・450 coins per utility pole


●Team Rankings

・Coefficient for Team Point Calculation:
Team rankings are determined by the team points of each team, and team points are calculated based on the total value of the cumulative rank points of each player belonging to a team. However, when calculating team points, a certain coefficient is applied to the cumulative rank points of the top-ranked players in each team’s individual rankings, as shown in the table below.

Ranking within the Team Coefficient for Individual Rankings within the Team
1st 2
2nd 1.8
3rd 1.6
4th 1.4
5th 1.2

・Ranking Rewards (Unit: Coins)
Based on the participation data up to Season 3, we have revised the distribution range and amounts of the ranking rewards. Please note that starting this season, players whose “cumulative rank points” do not exceed 10,000 points by the end of the season will not be eligible for ranking rewards.

Team Internal Ranking The 1st Place Team The 2nd Place Team The 3rd Place Team
1 1,102,500 315,000 157,500
2 661,500 189,000 94,500
3 567,000 162,000 81,000
4 378,000 108,000 54,000
5 204,750 58,500 29,250
6 126,000 36,000
7 126,000 36,000
8 88,200
9 88,200
10 88,200

In addition to the reward coins mentioned above, participants in the rankings will also receive “200 meters of electrical wire.”


●Reward Exchange Rate
In Season 3, once you accumulate a certain amount of reward coins, you can exchange them for “Amazon gift cards” or “DEP.”

<Amazon gift cards>

Amount of reward coins required for exchange Exchange Amount
12,000 coins 1,000 yen
24,000 coins 2,000 yen
36,000 coins 3,000 yen
60,000 coins 5,000 yen
120,000 coins 10,000 yen


Amount of reward coins required for exchange Exchange Amount
5,000 coins 1,617DEP

*A transaction fee of 500 coins is required for each exchange.
*Exchanges can be made in increments of 5,000 coins.


●Changes from the Previous Season:

・Rank points earned from connecting utility poles will no longer be deducted even if those poles are captured (neutralized and photographed) by other players. However, please note that rank points gained from capturing a utility pole will still be deducted.
・Considering the characteristics of the Season 4 area (mountainous terrain, transportation, and communication environments), we are setting restricted check-in hours from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
・Players whose cumulative rank points do not exceed 10,000 points at the end of the season will no longer be eligible for ranking rewards.
・We will be adjusting the item drop rate for treasure chests.