Starting from Season 2, the “東電賞” begins!

For TEPCO Power Grid, we will present a special reward known as the “東電賞” to users who capture particularly valuable images.


●東電賞 Eligible Image: Images of utility poles with “crow’s nests” visible.
*Please note that the criteria for eligible images may change in the future.


●Participation Conditions for the 東電賞
(Mandatory Requirements)
・Capture and submit the target image within the game (the image must pass review).
・Use the in-game “report function” to report the presence of a crow’s nest via a form.
*For details on the report function, please refer to the “撮影” section in the White Paper.


(Additional Conditions)
・Post an image of a utility pole with a crow’s nest on X (formerly Twitter) with the hashtag “#営巣発見”.
・Enter the URL of that post into the submission form for reporting.


●Rewards for the 東電賞:
・For everyone who meets the mandatory conditions: 200m of electrical wire × 5, 300 HP recovery × 3, Stamina Recovery Drink × 1
・For those who also meet the additional conditions: A chance to win a “Utility Pole NFT” that can be used in the next season through a lottery.