Special Event “University Challenge: Grid Grab: Capture the Current in Maebashi City” Details on May 4 and 5

PicTrée is enjoyable as an intellectual e-sport as well!
Students from universities in Maebashi will participate and enjoy a two-day utility pole battle, which will be broadcasted on TV and YouTube.
The event will be reported on-site, supported, and played along with by KID PHENOMENON from EXILE TRIBE.
This dance and vocal group, with an average age of 17 and consisting of seven members, will join the university students in energizing the event.


Event Schedule:
The inter-university competition will take place as a special event during Season 2 (May 4 to May 17).


〇May 4 (Saturday)
・11:00 AM: Event starts
・4:00 PM: End of day one
*Normally, the photo-taking hours for PicTrée are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, but for May 4, the hours will be changed to 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


〇May 5 (Sunday)
・11:00 AM: Start of day two
・2:00 PM: Event ends
*On May 5, utility pole photography is possible from 9:00 AM, and gameplay can continue after 2:00 PM.


Event Rules:
The inter-university competition will be conducted with the following team divisions, competing for team performance as of 2:00 PM on May 5 (Sunday):
Gunma University: Watt
Maebashi Institute of Technology: Ampere
Kyoei Gakuen Maebashi International University Junior College: Volt
General users are encouraged to join and support any team of their choice, aligning with the universities. University students are also free to invite supporters, according to the rules.


Broadcast and Streaming Schedule:
Gunma TV: May 31 (Friday) from 25:00 to 26:00 (i.e., 1:00 AM to 2:00 AM on June 1st)
The full event will be available on YouTube after June 1st.
The specific channel will be announced later.


About the Inter-University Competition After-Party:
After the competition, we will host a casual after-party to celebrate the participants!


・Date & Time: May 5 (Sunday) from 17:00 to 19:00
・Location: Hokkai-tei (Maebashi City Hall)
Gunma Prefecture, Maebashi, Chiyodamachi, 5-8-1


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