Regarding Team Changes After the End of Season 1

Thank you for always playing PicTrée.
Currently, PicTrée does not have a ‘team change feature’ implemented. However, with the special event “University Challenge: Grid Grab: Capture the Current in Maebashi City” scheduled for Season 2, we have received numerous requests from players wishing to change their current team.
In response to this, we will set up a ‘team change request period’ after the end of Season 1 and will accommodate team changes through special measures.


Summary of Team Changes:
Team changes will be conducted by deleting the current game account and creating a new one.
Through special measures, paid coins, reward coins, and owned items tied to the deleted game account will be transferred to the new game account.
*Please note that the individual rank of the deleted account, the results of the individual rankings for Season 1, and the performance metrics displayed on the profile screen (number of check-ins, number of poles conquered, length of lines connected) will not be carried over. While the results of the individual rankings for Season 1 will not be visible on the new game account, any reward coins earned as ranking rewards during Season 1 will be transferred to the new game account.


Application Period: April 28 (Sunday) from 16:00 to April 30 (Tuesday) 11:59 (JST)


Team Change Procedure:
①Record the current game account’s Player ID:
・Menu → Settings → Copy Player ID
②Delete the current game account:
・Menu → Settings → Delete Game Account
*Please note that the transfer cannot be performed if the account has not been deleted.
③Create a new game account and select the desired team.
④Record the Player ID of the new game account.
⑤Submit both the Player ID of the deleted account and the Player ID of the newly created game account via a Google Form.
⑥After maintenance concludes on April 30 (Tuesday) at 21:00 or later, verify that the data has been transferred to the new game account.
*The exact time post-maintenance may vary depending on operation checks.
*To reflect the updated data in the game, one of the following actions will be required:
・Restart the app
・Acquire items through check-ins or photography
・Purchase items


We apologize for the inconvenience this process may cause, but we hope that these changes will contribute to an even more exciting team competition. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


PicTrée Operations Team