Collaboration Event Information: STEPN Community × PicTrée Special Collaboration


Set in the early summer scenery of Mount Akagi, the Move to Earn “STEPN” community and the utility pole photography game “PicTrée” are teaming up for a special collaboration!


Enjoy the beautiful azaleas and fresh greenery of Mount Akagi while earning through movement, and also snap photos of utility poles on the mountain to “Inspect to Earn”!


Have fun capturing photos and earn double!


Collaboration Details:
Event Name: 電柱撮影ウォーキング in 赤城山
Date: June 1, 2024 (Saturday), 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Season 4)
*9:00 AM to 4:00 PM is the timeframe when utility pole photography through “PicTrée” is available. Outside these hours, playing STEPN and other gameplay elements of “PicTrée” are still possible.
Location: Mount Akagi

*Details about the location will be announced later.


On June 1st (Saturday), users who visit the Mount Akagi area and play STEPN and PicTrée will be entered into a lottery to win special rewards!


Entry Conditions:
・Post a declaration of participation with the hashtag #STEPN_ピクトレ on platform X before June 1st (Saturday).
・On the day of June 1st (Saturday), post a screenshot of the walking trail recorded in STEPN and images of the utility poles captured, along with the hashtag #STEPN_ピクトレ.


●Participants will be entered into a lottery to win one of the following luxurious prizes:


・Three “STEPN” shoe NFTs


・100 GMT (solana) for five winners


・Five “PicTrée” utility pole NFTs


*Winners will be announced after the event, and they will be contacted individually to distribute the prizes.
*For the winners of GMT, we will need your wallet address and account information on platform X.


★ We plan to hold a meet-up after the event on June 1st. Details about the meet-up will be announced later.


About “STEPN”:
“STEPN” is an NFT game where you can earn cryptocurrency by walking or running while wearing NFT sneakers.
・Official Site:
・Official X (formerly Twitter):


Let’s enjoy STEPN and PicTrée at Mount Akagi, surrounded by beautiful azaleas and fresh greenery on June 1st!


PicTrée Operations Team