Notice of Game Balance Adjustments

Thank you for always playing PicTrée.
After reviewing the game situation since the launch, we will be making some adjustments to the game balance.


<Adjustment Details>
Increase in damage dealt by check-ins (approximately 3.5 times the amount before adjustment)
Increased drop rate of attack items during check-ins


<Adjustment Implementation Timing>
Friday, 19th, 15:00(UTC+8)


<Reasons for Adjustment>
PicTrée is currently in the “proof-of-concept” stage, and we would like to explore the optimal game balance by making flexible adjustments while considering the opinions of our players and the state of the game.
The purpose of this proof-of-concept is twofold:


1. To ensure that useful photographs of power assets can be collected
2. To ensure that users can enjoy the game


Regarding point 1, the participation of many players on the launch day confirmed that useful photographs could be collected in a very short time.
On the other hand, regarding point 2, from the second day onward, with the number of players being limited compared to the first day, the hurdle to neutralize power assets that had been photographed once was high, making it difficult for the ranking results to fluctuate through gameplay after the first day.
In this situation, the ranking results are largely determined by the gameplay on the first day, diminishing the dynamic competitive gameplay that the title “Battle of Electric Poles” implies.
The purpose of this adjustment is to bring the game closer to the gameplay that PicTrée originally aimed for.


<Addressing Disadvantages Caused by the Adjustment>
As this balance adjustment may be disadvantageous to players who have been playing under the current settings (especially those currently ranked high), we will provide a certain level of compensation.
Specifically, the reward coins scheduled to be distributed as Season 1 ranking rewards will be distributed as follows:


・ One-third of the total will be distributed based on the ranking results as of Friday, 19th, 15:00(UTC+8)
・ The remaining two-thirds will be distributed based on the ranking results from the game balance adjustment until the end of Season 1
*Regarding the distribution timing, the above rewards 1 and 2 will be combined and distributed after the end of Season 1.


We apologize for any confusion this adjustment may cause to our players. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us make PicTrée a game that can be enjoyed by many more people.


PicTrée Operations Team