PicTrée Special Event: “Kyoto Stamp Rally – Energize IVS Kyoto!”

Duration: July 3rd (Wednesday) 9:00 AM to July 6th (Saturday) 9:00 PM


Overview: During the IVS period, we will set up a photo-taking stamp rally that includes the IVS venue (Kyoto Palace Plaza) and several surrounding spots! Users who successfully photograph all the spots will be entered into a lottery to win DEP.


Photography Targets:
– Kyoto Pulse Plaza
– KBS Hall
– Kyoto Empire Building
– Fushimi Inari Taisha – Senbon Torii
– Kiyomizu-dera – Nio-mon Gate


Reward: 10,000 DEP will be awarded to 3 lucky participants who photograph all the spots.


How to Participate: Download PicTrée, select the “Event” tab on the main screen, and participate by photographing the target facilities displayed on the map.


We look forward to your participation!