• What kind of game is it?

    PicTrée is a real-time utility pole photography team battle game where teams compete to photograph utility poles and manholes and other power facilities, connecting the photographed poles with electric wires to compete for points. Despite being a simple game, strategic decisions are required, taking into account rival teams' movements and regional characteristics. Players can also earn rewards based on their performance by playing the game. Furthermore, the photos taken can be used for the inspection and maintenance of power facilities, allowing gameplay to contribute to the maintenance of local infrastructure safety.

  • Operating Environment

    [iOS] iPhone and iPad devices with iOS 15 or higher
    [Android] Devices with Android 8.0 or higher

    *Performance is not guaranteed on all models listed above. Normal operation may not occur due to network environment, app version, device specifications, or how the app is used.

Rules & Terms
  • I haven't received the verification code.

    Please check your spam folder first. If the issue persists, please try again after some time.

  • I can't log in.

    Please ensure the email address and password you registered are correct.

  • I want to change teams.

    Once a team has been decided, you cannot change teams afterward.

  • I want to change my name.

    Once a name has been decided, it cannot be changed afterward. If an inappropriate name is set, the operation team may change it.

  • I can't check in.

    Please ensure you are close enough to the distance required for check-in. You cannot check in again at a power asset you have already checked in without a certain period.

  • My actual location and the game's current location are different.

    Please turn on "Accurate Location Information" from the device's settings app.

  • I don't know the current venue (area where pole data is registered)

    By pressing the "Venue" button (the pin mark button on the TOP screen), you can focus on the area currently holding the event.

  • Treasure chests do not appear.

    Treasure chests are distributed with a certain probability after checking in or photographing (may not be distributed in some cases).

  • My rank points have decreased.

    If other teams check in a certain number of times at the utility pole you are controlling and its HP reaches 0, the control bonus and rank points acquired through pole connect will be lost.

  • I want to exchange reward coins.

    You can exchange by pressing the exchange button on the profile screen.

  • I want to purchase items.

    Items can be purchased from the item shop on the shop screen. The shop screen can be accessed by tapping [Menu Button on the top right of the home screen] > [Shop Button].

  • I want to purchase paid coins.

    Paid coins can be purchased from the coin shop on the shop screen via payment methods displayed on the AppStore/Google Play Store.

  • Purchased paid coins are not reflected.

    Re-entering the shop screen will reflect the purchase. If the issue persists, please restart the app.

  • I want to transfer my account.

    Press "Continue from Login" on the title screen and log in with your existing account.

  • What is a PlayMining ID?

    t is an ID provided by Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. for its services. In this app, it is needed for "exchanging reward coins for DEAPcoin (DEP)" and "purchasing utility pole NFTs."

  • What is PlayMining?

    A platform that creates a new economy and culture of "living by playing" through entertainment such as games, centered around "PlayMining NFT" where "NFT" transactions are conducted using the cryptocurrency "DEAPcoin."

  • What is DEAPcoin (DEP)?

    DEAPcoin (DEP) is a cryptocurrency used for "NFT" transactions on "PlayMining NFT." In this app, game-earned reward coins can be exchanged for DEP.

  • What is an NFT?

    NFT is digital data that can be "owned" based on blockchain technology. In this app, utility pole NFTs are sold.

  • Purchased utility pole NFTs on PlayMining NFT are not reflected.

    Pressing the "NFT Sync" button in "Home" > "Profile" > "Owned NFTs" will reflect them.

  • Terms of Use

    You can read the Terms of Use for this service from the following link:https://pictree.greenwaygrid.global/terms-of-use

  • Privacy Policy

    You can read the Privacy Policy for this service from the following link:

  • If your issue is not resolved by reading the FAQ

    fter reading the FAQ, if your issue is still unresolved, please contact us at the following address: pictree_cs@dea.sg
    ※Please note that we cannot answer questions related to game strateg